We are Circus Family. (est. 2007)

A family of audiovisual designers with a passion for bringing challenging projects to life using graphic design, moving image, music and interactive technology.

We believe in merging design and technology to explore new territories, create powerful audiovisual experiences and tell stories worth telling. From conception to execution, our projects receive a signature visual identity, honed over the years through our broad range of expertise. That means exploration, research, learning, and above all, developing experiences that pioneer innovation.

“We strive to challenge perceptions. The hope is always to comprehend our understanding of how people choose to behave and interact with what they see. This is all about creating new formats for the exploration of moving imagery.”

“Circus Family is an audiovisual designer group who believe in making unbelievable ideas come to life.Their clientele includes an impressive array of household brands such as KLM and Nike yet their recent work ‘How did I get here?’ is a more personal project, triggering the audience to question and become more receptive to their surroundings by what they do best; combining elements of sound, visuals and technology.”