Circus Family - Being There - NK Tegenwind - Wind Reactive Installation

Eneco – Wind generated visuals

This installation we developed for dutch energy company Eneco visualizes wind power.
8 February 2019/by webmaster
Circus Family - DDB Unlimited - KLM Royal Dutch Airlines - Installation - Hologram Projections - Facetracking - Commercial

KLM – Hologram Bar

This installation for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines connects people on different locations in realtime and projects them back as transparant hologram.
8 February 2019/by webmaster
Circus Family - DDB Unlimited - Centraal Beheer - Car commercial to Go - Installation - 52 commercials in 2 days

Car commercial to go

This car commercial consisted of 3 user-choosable backgrounds, projected on a 20x4m backdrop plus floor projections and a personalised voice-over. All recorded live.
8 February 2019/by webmaster
Circus Family - Nike - Show your Game - Motion Design

Nike – Motion

An ongoing body of work ranging from high paced motion graphic pieces to animations, non fiction films and large scale event displays or projections.
8 February 2019/by webmaster
Circus Family - Halal - VPRO - Joardy Season - Animation - Leader/Ident

Joardy Season – Leader

Capturing the vibe of the series in motion design.
8 February 2019/by webmaster
Circus Family - van Gogh Museum - Museumnacht 2018 - Interactive Visuals

van Gogh Museum

Circus Family analyzed the artwork of Vincent van Gogh and translated this information in real time into an animated grid of colored graphic silhouettes.
8 February 2019/by webmaster
Circus Family - Fitzroy Amsterdam - Non Stop Nu – Modular leader

Leader pack for news website A modular system based on color for each theme.
8 February 2019/by webmaster

TRIPH Interactive Installation

When left alone with no audience, the object glows dimly as if it were asleep. Yet when visitors approach, the installation slowly comes back to life.
8 February 2019/by webmaster

Design Pavillion – Times Square

A black and white graphic take over on Times Square New York City for Design Pavillion.
8 February 2019/by webmaster
Circus Family - Into the Unknown

Into the Unknown

A series of films diving into the thoughts of seven times triathlon world champion Javier Gomez Noya.
8 February 2019/by webmaster
Circus Family - XXS - HEMA -Sintersizer - Interactive/Installation

Hema – Sintersizer

The Sintersizer is a music machine that is six meters high by four meters wide and is built completely out of toys.
8 February 2019/by webmaster

New Dutch Wave

Our visuals for the New Dutch Wave initiative during the SXSW 2017 festival are triggered in realtime by weather data received from a buoy of the coast of Ijmuiden the Netherlands.
8 February 2019/by webmaster

Madfox Club – Experience

Into the rabbit hole for Madfox!
8 February 2019/by webmaster


Circus Family has been supporting MassiveMusic&MediaMonks events during Cannes Lions for the last seven editions.
8 February 2019/by webmaster

Viacom – Youth in Flux

This film for Viacom Global Insights showcases in a strong visual style the outcomes of a worldwide research project on youth aged 16-24 around the world.
8 February 2019/by webmaster
CircusFamily - Yellowclaw - Visuals / VJ / Interactive

Yellowclaw VJ Modular Visuals

The interactive content that we developed with Yellowclaw is triggered by software which was custom coded and developed in-house here at Circus Family.
8 February 2019/by webmaster
CircusFamily - WantedDesign - NYCxDesign - LED Installation

NYC Designweek – Installations

A light experience in which the audience directs the intensity, audio and colors by simply moving around inside the installation.
8 February 2019/by webmaster
CircusFamily - JWT - SPA - Interactive Projections / Light / Sound / Reactive

SPA – The Rain Project

A short film in which drops of rain turn into sound, light and projections, projected onto the nature in the area of Spa, Belgium.
8 February 2019/by webmaster