Sol Beer-CodeDAzur-Installation-CircusFamily-Spotify-Solar-Sun-Playlist-Festival-Generative-Scripting-Processing-Interface-VUO

Sol – Solar Mix Table

The Sun Collector tracks the movement of the sun and gathers data that is used to determine what Spotify playlist to choose and what songs to play.
17 October 2019/by webmaster

Onrust / Turbulence Exhibition

Circus Family worked closely with artists Sticks & Kubus to design this exhibition and create the installations that would bring their musical vision to life.
7 October 2019/by webmaster
Circus Family - Being There - NK Tegenwind - Wind Reactive Installation

Eneco – Wind generated visuals

This installation we developed for dutch energy company Eneco visualizes wind power.
8 February 2019/by webmaster
Circus Family - DDB Unlimited - KLM Royal Dutch Airlines - Installation - Hologram Projections - Facetracking - Commercial

KLM – Hologram Bar

This installation for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines connects people on different locations in realtime and projects them back as transparant hologram.
8 February 2019/by webmaster
Circus Family - DDB Unlimited - Centraal Beheer - Car commercial to Go - Installation - 52 commercials in 2 days

Car commercial to go

This car commercial consisted of 3 user-choosable backgrounds, projected on a 20x4m backdrop plus floor projections and a personalised voice-over. All recorded live.
8 February 2019/by webmaster
Circus Family - Nike - Show your Game - Motion Design

Nike – Motion

An ongoing body of work ranging from high paced motion graphic pieces to animations, non fiction films and large scale event displays or projections.
8 February 2019/by webmaster
Circus Family - Halal - VPRO - Joardy Season - Animation - Leader/Ident

Joardy Season – Leader

Capturing the vibe of the series in motion design.
8 February 2019/by webmaster
Circus Family - van Gogh Museum - Museumnacht 2018 - Interactive Visuals

van Gogh Museum

Circus Family analyzed the artwork of Vincent van Gogh and translated this information in real time into an animated grid of colored graphic silhouettes.
8 February 2019/by webmaster
Circus Family - Fitzroy Amsterdam - Non Stop Nu – Modular leader

Leader pack for news website A modular system based on color for each theme.
8 February 2019/by webmaster

TRIPH Interactive Installation

When left alone with no audience, the object glows dimly as if it were asleep. Yet when visitors approach, the installation slowly comes back to life.
8 February 2019/by webmaster

Design Pavillion – Times Square

A black and white graphic take over on Times Square New York City for Design Pavillion.
8 February 2019/by webmaster
Circus Family - Into the Unknown

Into the Unknown

A series of films diving into the thoughts of seven times triathlon world champion Javier Gomez Noya.
8 February 2019/by webmaster
Circus Family - XXS - HEMA -Sintersizer - Interactive/Installation

Hema – Sintersizer

The Sintersizer is a music machine that is six meters high by four meters wide and is built completely out of toys.
8 February 2019/by webmaster

New Dutch Wave

Our visuals for the New Dutch Wave initiative during the SXSW 2017 festival are triggered in realtime by weather data received from a buoy of the coast of Ijmuiden the Netherlands.
8 February 2019/by webmaster

Madfox Club – Experience

Into the rabbit hole for Madfox!
8 February 2019/by webmaster


Circus Family has been supporting MassiveMusic&MediaMonks events during Cannes Lions for the last seven editions.
8 February 2019/by webmaster

Viacom – Youth in Flux

This film for Viacom Global Insights showcases in a strong visual style the outcomes of a worldwide research project on youth aged 16-24 around the world.
8 February 2019/by webmaster
CircusFamily - Yellowclaw - Visuals / VJ / Interactive

Yellowclaw VJ Modular Visuals

The interactive content that we developed with Yellowclaw is triggered by software which was custom coded and developed in-house here at Circus Family.
8 February 2019/by webmaster
CircusFamily - WantedDesign - NYCxDesign - LED Installation

NYC Designweek – Installations

A light experience in which the audience directs the intensity, audio and colors by simply moving around inside the installation.
8 February 2019/by webmaster
CircusFamily - JWT - SPA - Interactive Projections / Light / Sound / Reactive

SPA – The Rain Project

A short film in which drops of rain turn into sound, light and projections, projected onto the nature in the area of Spa, Belgium.
8 February 2019/by webmaster